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About Tebo Properties

Tebo Properties is one of the leading commercial real estate owners and developers in Boulder County, Colorado. Tebo Properties offers a diverse portfolio of more than 250 properties and over four million square feet of office, retail, and industrial space. What distinguishes Tebo Properties, as Boulder County’s Commercial Landlord, is not the number of buildings we develop, own, and manage; it’s the pride Tebo Properties takes in securing premier locations and designing winning combinations for each building or site. Tebo takes into account whether tenants can draw traffic for one another, how the development will enhance the neighborhood, city, and what will add to the vitality of the community. Careful planning up front enables Tebo Properties to offer our 900 plus tenants every possible competitive advantage.

Tebo Properties offers retail, office, industrial, and warehouse space to a diverse clientele. Our clients range from a variety of local businesses to large national companies. Tebo Properties strives to develop positive and enduring long-term relationships with our clients. This relationship is earned with high standards of integrity and excellence. Tebo Properties experienced staff and partners, ensures our clients the right location and environment for their business, as well as, responsive management and maintenance on every property.

Tebo Properties truly handles every aspect of property development. In order to ensure quality customer service, Tebo leases, and oversees all construction projects for over two hundred and fifty properties.


Our knowledgeable and courteous leasing staff will find the right suite or property for your business. Tebo Properties provides all leasing services for every property that we own. Providing all leasing services allows our clients the opportunity to avoid costly broker fees and guarantees first hand knowledge of every property or suite.

Development/Construction Project Management:

We provide internal construction management services for our own development projects, as well as our clients. Our construction Management team will be there every step of the way to provide expert advice, professional oversight, and overall project coordination on any construction project.